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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the PPS Coaching Program and what does it include

Unlike many so-called property experts, who teach you their “fly-by-night” strategies that are almost impossible to implement and end up gathering dust on your shelf, the Positive Property Coaching Program gives you a straight forward, do-able Game Plan for getting started in property investing, or getting your investing back on track. And because we’re all about supporting you for the long term, you get access to your own personal Property Coach who will help you create your own specific game plan and bring all the right people around you to help make it a reality. Finally – someone in your corner who is there to help.
After attending the Positive Property Blueprint Webinar, you may wish to join our “Positive Property Coaching Program: This includes:
1. Getting Started – your very own Property Coach will work with you one-on-one to help you get clear on your vision, understand your current situation and exactly what capacity you have to implement the model (including minimal deposits and “Coffee Money” holding costs) less than $30.00.

2. You’re Personalised Action Plan – once you and your Property Coach have worked through the Getting Started phase, your Coach will help you develop a personalised Action Plan and answer any further questions you have, so you can feel confident, knowing you are on the right path and ready to take action.

3. Moving Forward – the support you get from your Property Coach doesn’t end there. Now you’ll get the help you need to implement your plan, as your Coach takes you step by step toward the ultimate goal of becoming an active property investor. You can confidently move forward in the knowledge that you are following a tried and tested system with an experienced and qualified team by your side.

Why would I use a coaching system?

Using a tried and tested process to purchase property is becoming more widespread throughout Australia as investors and home buyers understand the benefits it provides.
The team at positive property solution work very hard to understand your personal circumstances and carefully assess and present suitable opportunities that are exclusively available to Positive Property Members.
This done-for-you process can save you time, money and stress. The coach handle approximately 50 different items on their checklist for you, from the time you ‘push the green button’ on a purchase, reporting key milestones to you each step of the way.

How do I become a Positive Property Member?

Becoming a Positive Property member is simple – just call us to get started, 1300 883 631.

What if interest rates go up?
No one knows for sure if interest rates will stop falling.
  1. Looking at the current trend your lending expert would advise against a fixed rate property loan, as it is more likely that rates will go down.
  2. Otherwise look at a fixed loan if rates are going up.
How do I get the deposit to start investing in property?

If you own your own home or any other real estate, you may very well have equity. This can be used to purchase an investment property. Otherwise you may have savings to be able to start investing in property.

These days there are a large variety of loans available such as “low-doc” and “no-doc” loans to suit a variety of investors.
Another option is joint venture partners who are willing to work with you to invest in property for your mutual benefit.

Should I buy properties in an entity?

This all depends on your tax situation and how many properties you would like in your portfolio. Speaking to a financial adviser will ensure that your property portfolio is structured properly.

How do I manage the property and the tenants?

Simply Find a reliable property manager, that will manage your properties and deal with the tenants. Always remember to be willing to change your property manager if they do not perform to your expectations.

What if the tenant destroys my rental property?

To avoid any problems ensure you have a good property manager this will ensure a reliable tenant is chosen, along with regular property inspections.

If your tenants don’t look after your property properly, don’t pay the rent on time or cause lots of complaints, it’s time to be firm and move them on.

Having Insurance is a great peace of mind, so if things do go wrong, you can rest assured that your insurance will cover it.

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