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George Markoski


George has always displayed competence when it comes to property and investing, acquiring his first experience in 1993 working with Western Raine Horne as a real-estate agent. George is a natural when it came to property and helping people buy and sell their homes.

He achieved his first investment property in 1997 buying in Adelaide. Today George is the proud owner of 14 properties. As a confident investor and entrepreneur George knows the secrets on where to buy low and gain sustainable incredible capital growth.

In 1996 George studied at Bond University and the University of California. As Master in Neuro Linguistic and Timeline Therapy. Using NLP psychology techniques he has helped a number of individuals achieve their goals in life. In his spare time he believes in giving back to the community through motivational training and raising money for charity.

As the Director and founder of Positive Property Solution, George’s life experience and vast knowledge when it comes to property and investing, make for a sound confident experience. Step by step George guides his clients through the investing experience. Knowing that a balanced portfolio with the right guidance can make all the difference. George believes in helping as many people as he can, empowering people with the knowledge and confidence to achieve their financial goals in life.

George Markoski Positive Property Solution

Christina began her career in real estate managing investor’s property portfolios. It didn’t take long for her to realize that in this arena, there is an endless amount of potential and wealth growth.

Christina has been working with positive property since 2015 and is an active investor herself. Combined with her wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry she educates people and guides them through the process of investing in property.

Christina realizes that investing can seem complicated to some, that’s why Positive Property Solution help you figure out all the minor details without losing sight of the big picture. Christina will guide you through a tried and tested process investing in property.

Christina knows the secrets to structure a portfolio to maximize return all while helping you to cut your mortgage in half!

Christina provides a friendly, caring approach, with a personal interest in the welfare of others, Christina looks forward to assisting you with your property investing journey.


Property Coach

Carl Harris

Property Coach

Carl Harris is a property coach at Positive Property Solution with many years of advisory experience for Australian clients as well as being an avid investor himself.

Carl started his career in the pearl farming industry tour operating alongside Katherine Gorge. Changing career fields Carl swapped the outback for the office, following with several years in the marketing world as a Communications Officer.

Since then hes Joined Positive Property Solution and assisted his clients grow their knowledge and wealth, through the Positive Property Strategy.

Carl assist’s novice investors who are just getting started in the world of property investment. Carl helps you every step of the way, from the initial understanding of investing in property, right through to settlement. Carl makes the whole experience friendly and easy always focusing on what is best for the client.

Carl has that amiable quality that makes people like him immediately as a skilled communications leader and property strategist, Carl is the man you want on your team!

Belinda is one of the property coaches at Positive Property Solution, and a long term property investor.

Belinda started her career working for Results Marketing and managed a variety of high end marketing events for the motor industry.

It was in 2000, she bought her first investment property In Grange SA and starting a life-long interest in property investing. Belinda then discovered that property was a great vehicle for wealth creation and picked up another investment property in West Beach SA.

In 2013 she started off as a student of Positive Property Solution, having followed and implemented the PPS strategy, she has managed to add an additional 3 properties in under two years to her portfolio!

Belinda’s property investing knowledge comes from pure experience, She knows exactly how and where to get high growth cash flow positive properties. .

Her enthusiasm and passion make the ideal coach to help guide you through property investing and save 17 years off your mortgage.

Belinda Flaherty

Property Coach