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Positive Property Solution has made me feel very comfortable and confident from the start and all the way through. Everything was very well explained. I am now ready to start and build up my investment portfolio. Thanks to Positive Property Solution I now understand how this all works and I am feeling confident to pay off even more than one or two properties in the near future. Thanks to Positive Property Solution I am now looking forward to an early retirement. Implementing this strategy will reduce my mortgage by 15 years! I would definitely recommend Positive Property Solution! George Markoski Positive Property Solution

Kate Hartmann

George from Positive Property Solution has helped us to stay on track with our goals. He has also helped me to build up my confidence and has supported us all the way through the process. It’s a great feeling to know that we can give Positive Property Solution a call anytime. We had so many questions and George has answered them all! Our experience with Positive Property Solution was really good! It took us only 6 months to buy our first investment property. Our future is looking good now! We are now $30 positive with our first investment property! We would absolutely recommend George and Positive Property Solution! Seriously, have a chat to George, I’m sure he can help you! George Markoski Positive Property Solutions Adelaide

Luke and Jess Biermann

Positive Property Solution have been very helpful to us in regards to purchasing properties. At first we were a bit hesitant but everything has been easily explained to us. We got all the knowledge and information that was needed to get started. We bought one investment property already and we are looking at buying two more investment properties in the near future. We are aiming to retire in 5 years or less. We would recommend Positive Property Solution to new starters but also to experienced investors. George Markoski Positive Property Solution

Anne and Graham

I heard about Positive Property through a friend of a friend and he introduced me to George to buy houses. I’m glad that I met him, George has been great. I put my money to work as it had just been sitting in the bank and so far in six months I’ve actually bought a house. Going from when I had nothing in the bank I got onto Georges program and I saved up and now six months later I have a property. Originally I thought it would cost me about $30 a week, but now I’m positive $109 a week! I got a tenant straight away, who asked for a two year lease. I would definitely recommend Positive Property Solution. George Markoski Positive Property Solution

Mark Manyard

Our experience with Positive Property Solution to be honest has been fantastic, we have had nothing but a positive experience with you guys, it’s just been energy flying our way, keeping our motivation going, it’s just been brilliant. They have been really supportive. We now have a property portfolio. We originally intended to buy a positive return property in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide, now speaking to George we were just glad that we didn’t go down that path because now we actually see our future portfolio developing the way we intended it to happen. Where now what we can see, is what we were planning to do we were never going to reach our goals. What we want to do is thank you for that. Because now we actually have property under our belt. Our future in regards to retirement is looking much better. Our strategy before was in retrospect quite short sighted now we have a long term plan and it’s very comforting. We would definitely recommend George. Right from our very first meeting when we met George you could see that enthusiasm in him to really want to genuinely help you get your first property and get you on the right path to become financially wealthy. I’ve never met anyone like him thank you George.

Shannon and Edd Brown

My experience with Positive Property was really positive. I found their approach very relaxed and really informative. George provided me with the tools and information to start my long-term plans of purchasing properties, minimizing my taxation and making it possible to facilitate and early retirement. With my future I now have a target age to retire at so I should be able to retire 15 years earlier than my original plans that I had. I have already recommended Positive Property to several of my friends and work colleagues. George Markoksi Positive Property Solution

Mick Edgar

Our experience with Positive Property has been educational, we learnt key strategies on how to invest in property, how to pay our home loan off sooner and how to use tax money. Positive property solution provided us with the confidence to purchase our first investment and we look forward to purchasing the second one soon. We are now confident we will pay off our home and retire in 10 years or less. We would recommend Positive Property, they have been very helpful, professional and patient and we have been recommending them to friends, family and work colleges. George Markoksi Positive Property Solution

Aaron and Renee Norris

We found our experience with Positive property Solution very good, all the information we received was very helpful and gave us a start. George is very knowledgeable and he has given us a good view into our financial future. They have given us a stat to our property portfolio and improved what we have with great knowledge that we have gained about things we did not know. We feel like we understand the education behind having a positive property now, so we feel much more confident. Our future is looking a lot better than it was six months ago, because now we have a place in the right area at the right time so our future is looking a lot better. We feel like we are very confident now in paying off our mortgage and certainly looking forward to an early retirement. We would recommend Positive Property Solution for sure if anyone wants to get ahead and do the same thing, defiantly. Absolutely they are very knowledgeable and it’s great to be able to ask questions and get the right answers straight away.

Rachel and Sean Walker

Our experience with George and Christina has been really good they were very professional and they explained everything we needed to know very clearly. In our experience we know exactly what we are doing. They introduced us to the property clock and where we should be investing, so we have been able to build on that with the properties that we have. Previously we were not investing in the right places in Australia to get the best value. I would like to retire in about 5-8 years so by going along and increasing my property portfolio and increasing the houses in the right location means I’m on track to do exactly that, so it will be really good. We would recommend Positive Property Solution they are very, very good at what they do.

Collin and Lisa Bazeley

We recently brought a property through Positive Property Solution. We met George through Carl and Belinda, who are good friends of ours. We brought our first investment property about 12 months ago, and in that 12 months we have saved about $50,000. We expect to get our next investment property soon enough through Positive Property Solution. They were very professional we would recommend George and Belinda. George Markoksi Positive Property Solution

Dan And April Johnston

Buying a property can be daunting without the right information. George Markoski from Positive Property Solution made investing in property so easy. Once you see the Positive Property formula it just makes sense. He gave me a modern day financial education and I now have a plan to pay off my property in 5-7 years, and am well on my way to having ten positive properties in 10 years, and you can do it too! Talk to the experts, you will be so glad that you did. George Markoksi Positive Property Solution

Amber Cordeaux

Dealing with George and Christina has been an absolute pleasure. They firstly gave me an insight into how I can use my income far more effectively and in the process use my tax to my distinct advantage. I knew I wanted to find a way to leverage my existing property and income in a way that would produce wealth – but I didn’t realise how easy it was until I engaged the services of Positive Property Solutions. They assisted me in finding my first investment property that best suited my circumstances – along with setting me on the path to grow my portfolio healthily over the years. I found the experience friendly, proficient and highly professional. I am very excited to be involved with this company and cannot wait to see my portfolio grow.

Andrew Henderson

Positive Property Solution are professional and have intimate knowledge of the property market. There is no way I would have attempted it on my own, without their professional advice. They are speaking from experience and have the wisdom to educate people to make the right decisions. Through George’s mentorship I will be set to make 250k on my first investment! I plan on building a portfolio of ten positive properties in ten years and now I will be able to achieve this with confidence thanks’ to Positive Property Solution.


13th October, 2014 I, Belinda Flaherty am a person that has big goals. One of my goals is that in the next five to ten years my partner and I will be living off property.

The beginning of my success in property started with my decision to choose “Positive Property Solution”, they have allowed me to start on that journey towards my financial freedom.

I currently bought my third property through Positive Property Solution, expecting to buy many more in the future.

George the director of the company guided me through the entire process, from start to finish. These guys really know what they are doing, they speak from pure experience, giving me positive confidence.

Currently I have cut around 17 years of my mortgage. I’ve taken action and followed the Positive Property Solution process, to make it possible.

Now I’ll be able to buy 1-2 properties per year, living the comfortable lifestyle that everyone should enjoy.

I most definitely recommend Positive Property Solution as this will be the start of your own financial freedom.

If you wish to discuss the process and impeccable service received, please feel to contact me direct on 0411833370. Yours Sincerely Belinda Flaherty Managing Director Be-Direct Pty Ltd

Belinda Flaherty